From challenging to easy there is a hiking trip for everyone in Kohlern/Colle:

  1. From the Top Station in Bauernkohlern to Herrenkohlern (about 20 min.)

  2. Coming down from the mountain station to the mountain Virgolo up to the valley station (approx. 1.5 hours).

  3. From the Top Station in Bauernkohlern via the old road passing St. Isidor and the farms in Kampenn/Campengno to the Valley Station (about 1,5h).

  4. From the Top Station in Bauernkohlern this hike goes uphill to the “Larchenstock” and then downhill to the Haselburg/Castel Flavon and then via the new hiking trail back to the Valley Station.

  5. From the Top Station in Bauernkohlern we hike to the “Schneiderwiesen”, a restaurant (about 45 min.). From there we proceed to the “Titschenwarte” (1510m) with its panoramic view of the Dolomites. (about 1h) You can hike back the same way or via the “Titschen” (1616m) to the “Klaus Alm”, proceeding via the “Wolfstalalm” back to Herrenkohlern and from there to the Top Station (about 2h).

Even for nordic walking enthusiast we have tagged paths (flower nordic):

From the Valley Station take trail nr. 9 or simply follow the flower markings. After this 5 min. hike cross the road and here you can choose between pink and blue trail:
Pink trail:
• Follow trail nr. 9 and the pink flower markings After about make a sharp turn to the left and then uphill. After some time when you cross it take trail nr. 4. Until your nearly to Kohlern/Colle After the first house of Kohlern/Colle take the a small trail that leads you directly to the Top Station
Blue trail
• After having crossed the main road take the uphill trail on the left hand side. Watch out for the blue flowers at the crossroads as there are no others. In the even upper part of the trail the blue markings can be found on little stone figures. For the last part of the walk cross the road once more and follow on to the right to the Top Station.
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